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In Prey , Mikhaila is always Morgan's ex-girlfriend, regardless of which gender Morgan you play. The Barret experience isn't very romantic. In the second installment of Way Walkers University , the game lets you romance your choice of two male or two female characters. There is also the Kappei route, where Tomoya spends the first half or so unable to tell if Kappei is male or female and having awkward feelings while wondering. Unfortunately, a good protagonist still lacks a gay option, since both of those are quite evil. Origins your romantic options include Zevran , a male Depraved Bisexual elf, and Leliana, a female bisexual woman, who all PCs can romance. This means that games that include romance have increasingly allowed the protagonist the option to romance a few characters of the same gender.

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Once Endrance gets his Xth form that makes him look even more feminine Tokio will also get said sparkles before realizing what he's doing and freaking out. Both Theron and Lana's romances can be continued — or started, if they weren't romanced in the previous expansion — in Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne , with the addition of rebel pilot Koth Vortena. The video game adaptation of The Princess and the Frog has a mild one of these. He can do the same to a few of the boys, one for each clique. The Letter has one same-sex option among its potential romantic pairings.

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Queen's Gambit has enemy spy Emily Verma. Rise of the Hutt Cartel allows republic players of any gender to flirt with archaeologist Lemda Avesta, and male empire players to flirt with disgraced sith Lord Cytharat. Player default is Tiana, with the other 3 players being Prince Naveen, Tiana's best friend Charlotte, and her other friend Georgia. The HD version of Hatoful Boyfriend has a possible ending where the female protagonist ends up with Azami. Amy is participating in a scavanger hunt, and one of the item she needs is a condom, which fellow party-goer Frank has. Sofia Martinez, the singer. The "Alban Knights Baltane Special Unit" content allows you to train up to 3 of 6 different squires 3 female, 3 male , and while not a full-blown romance you can go on dates with them.

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