Gay gene in fruit flies

Specifically, the GB mutant males were no longer recognizing male pheromones as a repulsive stimulus. Female fruit flies do not normally court at all. Post-doctoral researcher Yael Grosjean found that all male fruit flies with a mutation in their GB gene courted other males. But at least among fruit flies, "pheromones are powerful sexual stimuli," Featherstone said. A team of scientists led by Dean Hamer, an American Aids researcher, caused controversy in when it published results of a study claiming to have In two papers, the scientists report that the fru gene sets up the fly brain to produce male courtship behaviour - a series of tapping and tilting movements.

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Scientists Discover Evolutionary Advantage For Homosexuality


The answer, it seems, is that the female relatives of gay men tend to have more children than The results, based on a scan More genetic clues to male sexuality. Dramatic result Homosexuality is widespread in the animal world. Although there are a few different ideas, two prevailing hypotheses that resulted from theoretical work suggest that same-sex sexual behaviors SSB could persist for two reasons:

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They also gave flies drugs to alter synapse strength. Home Articles News Comment Reviews. In the new work, University of Illinois at Chicago researcher David Featherstone and coworkers discovered a gene in fruit flies they call "genderblind," or GB. They even attempted copulation. In fact, homosexuality in the fruit flies seems to be regulated by how they interpret the scent of another.

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