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Unfortunately, his "spirit partners" are the Ojama Trio , three rather disgusting and tactless monsters that frequently annoy him. Is the character Spongebob Squarepants gay? Sai has always acted gay, just look at his clothing! I'm thinking about the abridged characters' sexualities. I'm going to sleep with her.

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Ryo Bakura


XD Seriously, if the good ones weren't, there would be a lot more people! I'm thinking about the abridged characters' sexualities. No characters has been stated to be gay. It is not fully known, but the character Chizaru who is always hitting on Orihime is a possible lesbian or bisexual. Are there gay characters on Naruto?

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That's why you don't see much male full-frontal nudity. The Pharaoh Is a Sweet Transvestite http: Was the character Angus MacGyver gay? It's me and Sasuke-kun. Split and merge into it. Beware major spoilers Please remember the above mentioned when you update this page. Introduced in Season 3; the top student of North Academy and owner of the only set of Crystal Beast cards.

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