Why do gay men get married

It's my fault entirely, and I should suffer! So, there is all the difference in the world between someone who seeks to deny and suppress their ongoing same-sex attraction by getting married, and someone who is fully aware of and accepts it, but who also becomes attracted to and feels called to marry someone of the opposite sex. These times can be caused by all kinds of different factors my wife and I have several young children — that can certainly put a dampener on things. Feelings can be accepted and brought to God, even whilst you choose not to act on them. Sign up for our free bi-monthly newsletter updates:. My wife had been friends for about three years before we started courting. I'm a gay man, but I'm married to a woman and we've had kids together.

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Is it ever responsible for people with same-same attraction to get married?


My goal is to help straight spouses understand that there was nothing they did or said - or didn't do or say - that made their spouse gay. What have they invested so far, and if they do break up, what's at risk? Straight people might think she should divorce you and get on with her heterosexual life. For reprint permission, contact us. Is it ever responsible for people with same-sex attraction to get married? The gay spouse does marry voluntarily, usually a person of the opposite sex with whom they are already good friends and often sexually attracted to, with whom they are having satisfying and gratifying sex.

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It's often no accident that they married a spouse who couldn't commit completely or be intimate and available, the way a straight spouse could. When the gay spouse comes out of the closet, the straight spouse tends to go into one - bearing the secret that they are in a mixed- orientation marriage. Whether or not the couple has children, this is very truly a family affair, since in-laws must be told, and reactions from the families of both spouses will be part of the process. If you are married you are meant to be attracted to your husband or wife! Men like this whom I've worked with use pornography and:

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