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Thousands of files were destroyed, and the attempt to compare forged documents with the registry was hindered. The fortunate ones went to jail. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. In the s, the Depression spread economic anxiety, while political fights in European parliaments tended to spill outside into actual street fights between Left and Right. He did not attain much fame and lived in impoverished circumstances. Seventy years and the trauma of one genocide later, LGBTQ people are still the target of the far right, for whom homophobia remains a big part of the official discourse.

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Nazi connections


The story of how close Germany — and much of Europe — came to liberating its LGBTQ people before violently reversing that trend under new authoritarian regimes is an object lesson showing that the history of LGBTQ rights is not a record of constant progress. Later still, its acting head was arrested. Under these nightmare conditions, far more LGBTQ people in Europe painstakingly hid their genuine sexuality to avoid suspicion, marrying members of the opposite sex, for example. Home Features Nazi connections. Skip to main content. In the spring of , Arondeus started an underground periodical in which he tried to incite his fellow artists to resist the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Willem Arondeus.

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What happened next shows the whiplash speed with which the progress of a generation can be thrown into reverse. My faction will fight against this and we will not allow a minority to be placed above the well-being of the majority. The less fortunate went to Buchenwald and Dachau. Earlier than others, Arondeus realized that the demand by the Nazi occupiers that all Jews register with the local authorities was not, as the Nazis claimed, for their own safety, but rather so they could be deported to the Westerbork concentration camp and from there to the death camps in occupied Poland. We produce articles written by researchers and academics. Follow us on social media. A group of blond young men in Hitler Youth uniforms.

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