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Puppy training; sit, down, stand, come. The feet are compact, oval in shape, the pads deep and strong, the toes moderately arched and close together, the nails are short and strong same for hind legs. Harmony reflects the balance of outer and inner beauty: The eyes are set well apart, of moderate size and oval in shape. Read more about our service dogs and how they have helped people just like you.

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Puppy Development


It moves with great stealth, strength and stamina. These are the dogs we most enjoy, be it at conformation shows, herding trials, carting or agility events, therapy visits, or farm chores. It may have an upward swirl to the tip. In excitement it may rise level with the back. Move from box to pen. White should never predominate.

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Any tendencies toward viciousness or extreme shyness are serious faults. The chest is deep, moderately broad, showing great lung capacity. Any deviation from a sound-moving dog is a fault. The thighs are long, broad, deep and muscular with well-turned stifles and strong hocks well let down. Nostrils are well developed. The neck is of good length, strong, muscular, slightly arched and broadening to the shoulders.

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