Arguments against gay marraige

There is also the use of a woman as means to an end, violating the respect due to her as a human being. The kind of respect we show will depend on the kind of love we are distinguishing. It is this kind of love that is recognised through marriage. It is not then the same human right. The demand to re-define marriage assumes that marriage is a matter of definition, but this is not so, since marriage arises out of a description of the natural order - that is, the facts of human biology and evolution. Love between gay individuals is equal to other forms of love from 1. This premise is false.

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Why the Argument for Same-Sex Marriage is Not Sound


This is a fundamental element in the relationship between a man and woman that is not available to same-sex relationships. It is not sound if any of the premises are false, since the conclusion will not be true. If the nuclear family is a human good worth protecting, it is the responsibility of all members of society to do so, including homosexual members of the community. The assertion of equal recognition of homosexual unions and marriage between a man and a woman assumes that the relationships are the same. This is self-evidently false. With these constraints, assumption 3 can be accepted, but it is a human right that is limited to those human beings who form heterologous unions - which is to say, are unions between male and female. A similar argument could be mounted, in the case of a lesbian couple, using a man as a means to an end.

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A similar argument could be mounted, in the case of a lesbian couple, using a man as a means to an end. Love is recognised through marriage Assumption. Human rights apply to all human beings Assumption. It might be added that neither are de facto relationships between male and female equal to marriage either, but there is no injustice in denying that such relationships are the same as marriage, even if they have a great deal in common with those who are married. It fails to appreciate the importance of the roles of father and mother in the nurturing of children, proposing that there is nothing noteworthy about the nuclear family that is worth protecting and preserving. Premise 2 is also clearly false, as stated.

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