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Once in your body, poppers are actually not psychoactive. The laws surrounding poppers have changed a lot in the past ten years, with many countries all over the world engaged in a game of whack-a-mole to ban certain chemicals, only to see poppers manufacturers switch to a different formulation. Ever since, his company PacWest Distributing and its imitators have been making the same brands but with weaker formulas. So what brand do you prefer? The crack-down on them has had some unintended consequences; they are now crap, and after a few nights of heavy use, I found that my vision was splotchy for a few days. Tina and poppers is the new poppers and tina. Poppers are for losers.

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Poppers, which are best?


Poppers are the new tina. In , the first major study of the use and effects of alkyl nitrites as a recreational drug was published. You are huffing drugs, not unlike the poor gypsy children in Easter Europe huffing paint fumes. Can Fist Black be legally sold in the U. The question is, what are the best popper brands today?

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Nobody wants to fuck you.. II bein ussing puupers fir yearssssss withhh ni ill affects whitsover. I used to really enjoy having sex while taking a huge hit af Amyl. Not the types I would pitch woo too. What a feeling it was feeding my dick to some hot mouth while taking a big hit of the real stuff What you purchased years ago was butyl nitrate. I swear the formulations have very recently changed.

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