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That it is important not to see same-sex marriage as a cure-all because there will still be Claire van Ryns calling people "homosexuals", for starters is a valid point, but I doubt too many of those directly affected do see it a such anyway. The anti-equality group Australian Marriage Forum is receiving substantial publicity but media have not examined whether this group has a formal membership structure or substantial membership. However, male acts of homosexuality remain illegal for another two years. The guidelines also allow transgender people to choose their preferred gender regardless of medical interventions. This, friends is my mushroom theology!

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A definitive timeline of LGBT+ rights in Australia

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Most of van Ryn's article doesn't interest me that much but I thought I should give it some time rather than just focusing on the mushroom bit. I love to write about my faith in God and the immense freedom gained from that relationship. Another explanation could be that respondents prefer same-sex marriage to be regulated under a new and distinct Act. Claiming to be a "genuinely interested" request as to whether gay people think SSM will make a difference, and conceding that same-sex attracted people have a right to "a life unhindered by prejudice", van Ryn opens her open letter thus: Imagine having to out yourself as transgender every time you had to show a birth certificate — every school, every job, every time you encountered a bureaucracy. He loses his job after the Tasmanian government says that unless he is fired from the Tasmanian AIDS Council, they will withdraw funding. So van Ryn is happy to base her site concept around a spurious analogy, but she's also not too good at getting to first base without problems when it comes to communicating with those she wants to convince.

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Another contribution was by fellow Tasmanian and Government whip Andrew Nikolic, who argued that same-sex marriage shouldn't be prioritised over economic issues and his government's obsession with hobgoblin-menacing in the form of constant "national security" bills. Why LGBT characters matter, especially at the movies A nerdy kid in rural Western Australia will see a strong, courageous, partnered gay character in Star Trek — and his mates will too. Nearly 80 per cent of eligible voters took part in the two-month postal survey, with It then asks people if the right to marry includes the right to start a family, but has first primed them by saying that the United Nations says so. Senate knocks backs national plebiscite proposal again, government pushes ahead with a national voluntary postal vote.

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