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No advice will ever apply to every Gemini man as they are all unique in various ways. Yes, everything in this article applies whether you're straight, gay or bisexual. One of these is that you get to see one side of someone very clearly: If you like sex once a week on Mondays at 10pm and only in the missionary position, you can still keep things unpredictable by talking about wild and unusual ideas. Often the bigger issue is determining how sincere they are. To give a deliberately exaggerated example of this it may sometimes be hard for him to say 'the sky is blue' - when he knows it isn't. The foxiest lady on earth walks by, and one of them sighs.

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Gemini (May 22-June 21)


Work on the assumption that the day your Gemini man totally understands you will be the day he gets bored and act accordingly. The complete picture of your personality and his is determined by numerous planet placements at the time of birth. A Gemini man in love will always keep you guessing. Are you compatible with your Gemini man? The most common features of soulmate relationships. How does it work?

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To get a complete picture of someone through astrology we need to take all those other planets and their interactions into account. My compatibility reports address this by scoring all factors alongside each other so you can see the whole picture, with any strong or weak areas highlighted. You don't however get to see anything about other factors such as sexual attraction. A classic Gemini is an ideal company man — happiest at the roundtable or board meeting where he can spout off from the font of his relentless inspiration. A Gemini man is one of the easiest guys in the entire zodiac to shop for. They're typically fairly straightforward and will outright tell you they love you.

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