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But both Jim and Steven say that men who end up identifying as bisexual in the long-term are in the minority — most husbands in their groups eventually come to realise they are predominantly attracted to men. The Bible clearly teaches that all human beings sin naturally. He knew he had been attracted to men in adolescence, but it was something he tried not to think about. Decades since coming out, Jim still talks to his wife regularly. They laugh, they cry, they gossip.

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Why are some people same-sex attracted?


Though he had a few sexual relationships with women in high school, he never thought of himself as heterosexual or even bisexual: Like most spouses, Ned and Gerry had their ups and downs, but they always considered their marriage rock-solid. Your email address is now confirmed. My sexuality has not been shaped in this way by anyone else. In the end, one way or another, almost all men who reach out to the group end up coming out. My lack of hand-to-eye co-ordination is another potential guilty party.

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His wife discovered her high school sweetheart was gay. Like most spouses, Ned and Gerry had their ups and downs, but they always considered their marriage rock-solid. To help restock their coffers, Ned entered graduate school, where he started spending a lot of time with fellow students. Judging by the emails, phone calls and website hits he receives, he estimates that there are thousands more Australians in similar situations. When he got married, Jim knew something was different. How is it possible for them to fall in love with a woman but still be attracted to men? According to some people it is a decision that I made.

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