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Carrie's mother is so over-the-top evil that she's like a kindergartner's drawing of violent religious insanity. Peter loves his homegirl, Jess, and hopes this shout-out is an acceptable Christmas present. It's fairly common for an actor's performance to get trimmed down substantially or completely removed, but Brody was the main character. Recommended For Your Pleasure. That nice Jack Nicholson man who did a funny tomahawk dance when Lloyd accidentally wandered on set one day? Going back and watching the movie now, it seems impossible that Heston could've remained as heroically oblivious as he did. Ben-Hur tells the story of Judah Ben-Hur played by Charlton Heston , a Jewish prince who is betrayed by his childhood friend Messala and forced to endure a life of slavery, and it happily takes the better part of four hours to do so.

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Add me to the weekly newsletter. Sometimes, wild non-canon details can be the best way to truly get to know a character. It also contains a scene where a bunch of cowboys fart for a full minute without exchanging a word of dialogue. Our latest podcast , Jack O'Brien and David Wong sit down to discuss this phenomenon and its unsettling origins. Laine didn't actually see the film until it premiered, at which point he cringed with embarrassment over how emotionally invested he had been in his performance of the theme song, probably somewhere between the third and fourth rape joke.

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Director Brian De Palma had to take her aside and explain that he wasn't exactly going for laughs with his film about abuse, rage, and supernatural murder. That same question was doubtless at the front of Brody's mind when he finally saw the finished film, because it wasn't until that moment that he discovered he'd been cut almost entirely out. The mother was so operatic to her that she thought the character was intentionally cartoonish. Rock Hudson, an actual gay person, was initially offered the role of Ben-Hur, but his agents told him to turn it down because they thought the homosexual undertones could damage his career as a leading man -- the part was literally too gay for a gay man. Brody was understandably heartbroken -- he'd filmed countless hours of material and endured six months of boot camp with Sean Penn and John Travolta, which automatically entitles you to an Academy Award for Special Achievement in Not Killing Yourself see Carrie , above. In fact, the character was so broad that Piper Laurie, the actress who plays her, was convinced the movie was a comedy when she first read the script.

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