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Archived from the original on Some pro-life advocates see their position as part of a more secular, human rights position and sent letters of support for PLAGAL. After all, we know what it is to have our lives and rights trampled on, especially the basic human right just to keep on living. Despite both names, the group is inclusive of all LGBT people, as well as straight allies. Our membership includes women and men of various sexual orientations, political affiliations, and geographic locations -- all committed to raising awareness of the pro-life ethic as consistent with the gay and lesbian struggle for human rights. Among their most powerful spokespersons are women who conceived in rape and women who were conceived through rape.

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Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

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Carlin had this to say about pro-lifers, in his comedy piece on abortion: Our 75 pamphlets vanished within the first couple blocks we want to come back next year with at least ! My dear pro-life friends,. All human lives should be regarded as valuable, regardless of where we are and how we live. What ever is this world coming to? Dubson-Sage, as either an op-ed or as a letter to the editor.

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If one was an atheist, they were left-wing liberals and pro-choice. But from his first days of office, with almost no opposition, he worked to protect abortion clinics, condoned abortion in pre-natal counseling, gave the go-ahead to Frankensteinish fetal testing, and legalized tax funded abortions for those in the military. When the force of heterosexism has led to irresponsible or violent heterosexual sex, abortion is the "solution" which makes the "problem" go away. As the struggling Ugandan economy welcomes the onslaught of help from the rich and the white, Christian fundamentalists from America are finding a ripe and willing audience that is hungry for change and vulnerable to messages that are largely ignored or kept in check in the developed world. We support a compassionate society where both can live.

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