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I think is funny how some people consider glasses an accessory, i have a super high prescription, no glasses means i might as well just close my eyes get a red leather suit and become a latino Daredevil. This is not an NSFW subreddit. I like the way they look on me. Meta posts to incite conflict or drama will be removed. When you wear the aforementioned 'Snapnack' I would think you're dumb.

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That stupid hat is not attractive. The more I try to compare the two, the more I really like both My gay life is almost over. Despite being one of the cheapest people I know, glasses are the one thing I splurged on. Do whatever feels good. I look damn good in 'em. Don't post any personal information without consent.

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But then again, I do know people who look good in them. That being said, I think I look much better without glasses. Now it seems like everyone has them. Trump Spam is a bannable offence. As pointed out already, they're an accessory. It all really depends on the person.

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