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The typical woman is going to have prominent breasts, and she would obviously be interested in how a person, especially herself, would look in the designer clothing being displayed, i. Does the masculinization among high-fashion models reflect their selection for sexiness? Therefore, the only way they would end up promoting masculine and skinny women as the epitome of models is if their dislike of female empowerment is greater than their like of feminine and attractive women, which Naomi Wolf has not proven. Do the angular facial lines of high-fashion models serve the purpose of facilitating make-up artists better and defining the face better in photography? On the other hand, the homosexuals will obviously attempt to push the boundaries. Although the African-American is masculine-looking, too, addressing her features is not relevant because one cannot be sure that she has earned her position via merit. Female models come in many forms:

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Why are fashion models so skinny?


A woman who has delicate skin, lovely complexion, well-formed breasts, and menstruates freely will be found to have a typical feminine outlook on life, aspirations, and reactions to stimuli which, in spite of the protests of our feminists, do constitute the biological feminine mind. Indeed, men would prefer that women have lower standards; this way, they would not have to work so hard to obtain plenty of money to impress women. High-fashion models have the highest status among female models, and, in this regard, their looks are curious. Women with sexy looks in accordance with this concept of sexiness have the somewhat masculinized appearance disproportionately found in call girls. In accordance with the general public preference for femininity in the looks of women, the dieting industry could easily select skinny women with feminine skeletal proportions to promote its products, but it is simply not involved in selecting fashion models.

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The 4 women shown on the left are top officials of the U. Women do not buy clothes with the sole intent of hanging them in their closet. It's because they fear and dislike femininity and can only conquer it one of two ways--through penetration in the missionary position, or self-loathing, aggressive and often abusive sex with prostitutes. The considerations above should it make it clear that the central tendency of the looks of high-fashion models, which is to approximate the looks of adolescent boys, reflects the aesthetic preferences of the homosexual men who dominate the fashion business. Even if one accepts that breasts need to be small among high-fashion models, it is an easy matter to find small-breasted women, also lacking excess fat elsewhere, that happen to be more feminine-looking than the norm among high-fashion models , on average, but such women will not be used as fashion models because they are too feminine for the tastes of gay fashion designers. Heteropatriarchy has nothing to do with the preferences of gay fashion designers. Heterosexual men clearly prefer women who look feminine and have a healthy level of body fat e.

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