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In , when Sylvia Rivera—Stonewall veteran and cofounder of the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries STAR —fought her way onto the stage of the Christopher Street Liberation Day rally in New York, after having first been blocked by antitrans lesbian feminists and their gay male supporters, she spoke defiantly of her own experiences of being raped and beaten by predatory heterosexual men she had been incarcerated with, and of the work that she and others in STAR were doing to support other incarcerated trans women. Namely, there are transsexuals who seek very pointedly to be nonperformative, to be constative, quite simply, to be. Changing sex for me and for many people my age was a fantasy, a dream, and because it had nothing to do with our realities, we had to work around this impossibility and create a home for ourselves in bodies that were not comfortable or right. In Gender Trouble , Butler rewrote liberal feminism and even parts of Western philosophy by making the gender-variant woman the subject of each. Feminine essence concept of transsexuality Feminist movements and ideologies Feminist views on pornography Feminist sex wars Feminist views on sexuality Feminist views on prostitution Feminist views on BDSM Gender essentialism Misogyny Trans-misogyny Transphobia. Menu Search Donate Shop Join. First Second Third Fourth.

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Feminist views on transgender topics


The Guardian received more than two hundred letters of complaint from transgender people, doctors, therapists, academics and others. The staff decided that Nixon's status made it impossible for her to understand the experiences of their clients, and required their counselors to be genetically female. In , year-old woman Maria Maclachlan was left bruised after a scuffle broke out between pro-trans activists and a group of feminists who were protesting potential changes to the Gender Recognition Act. James Gillespie September 24, When Linda Bellos was invited to speak at Cambridge University in , she told the organizers that she would be "publicly questioning some of the trans politics

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Transfeminism also written "trans feminism" , is a category of feminism that synthesizes feminist and transgender discourse. In a interview, Judith Butler argued for civil rights for trans people: The piece discusses the privileges and advantages of becoming a man but concludes: Greer resigned in after the case attracted negative publicity. They don't need to be.

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