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A Message To Mankind by Margaret Claire Mitchell

A Message To Mankind by Margaret Claire Mitchell

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The Author has Discovered the Verity Behind the Ancient Mysteries that has Plagued Mankind's Curiosity for Millennia and Reveals the Shocking Secrets in which the Reader should Figuratively take a Seat. Find Out the True Meaning of Halloween and How it is Connected to the Ancient Monuments of the World including Gobekli Tepe, The Sphinx, and The Great Pyramid. This Book is the result of many years of research and reading of scholarly books in the Quest of Finding the Truth behind Mankind's Legends that have been handed down through the Verbal and subsequent textualization of Tradition, Mythology, and Religion. Gathering the Most Ancient and Reliable Stories from around the Planet via a compilation of pertinent excerpts, placed Juxtaposition and with the Sheer Volume proves circumstantially that a Great Cataclysmic Event occurred 13,000 years ago along with a total of Four Ages that Mankind has been Bombarded from Above ! The Scientific Proof has been collected by Pioneers and by Acclaimed Universities and Yet is Still Rejected by 'Academia' as fringe science, as They once did for the KT Boundary and This Too Will Become the Mainstream Consensus Shortly. The Testimony is Overwhelming and would take a Large Dose of Denial to negate Its Obvious Conclusions. The Story still Reverberates within our Popular Culture of Dragons, Witches, Zombies, Vampires, Shape Shifters, the Knight in Shining Armor saving the Maiden, Giants, Good vs. Evil, and even Aliens with Acid for Blood in movies. Read the Actual Traditions from the majority of Cultures of Man as to their persistence to Survive the Onslaught of Fire from the Sky, Evil Winds, Drought, Darkness, Starvation, Global Earthquakes, and Annihilating Floods. Find Out where it Came From, Where it Hit, Where it Went, and Where it is Today. Experience the Analogies of an Air Burst from a Super Bolide in the Oldest Written Record of Man ; the Cuneiform Texts. The United States is Littered with Tens of Thousands Carolina Bays and Craters which seem to be ignored by the vast majority of the public. Halloween is The Most Important Tradition that Mankind has Ever Had ! After reading This Book you'll Never see Trick-or-Treaters the Same Again ! Matter of Fact, you won't view Many Things the same Again. One could say it has the Answers to It All, as in 'What It Is All About !' If It Happens Again it won't be the Authors Fault for not publishing the information. The explanation of why Man has Always Worshiped the Sun and the Stars is Obvious.

Researcher / Author - Comets, Spacefalls, Fireballs, Bolides, Shooting Stars, Meteor Showers, Meteorites, NEO's, Worldwide Comparative Mythology and Religion, Catastrophism, Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, Secondary Impact Carolina Bays, Craters, Anthropology, Ancient Hoary History, Ancient Symbolism, Constellations, Ancient Megaliths, Geoglyphs, Portable Art, Petroglyphs, Hieroglyphs, Cuneiform, Cave Art - Erudition & Mesniti / Ningirsu / Metalworking, Ancient Knowledge, Great Mysteries, Climate Change, Upper Paleolithic Extinction, Precession of the Equinoxes, Great Year, Tsunamis, Earthquake, Fire from the Sky, Inner Solar System Space Debris, Asteroids, Legends, Sun Worship, Shock Wave, Blast Wave, Chelyabinsk, Tunguska, Laurentide Ice Sheet, Barringer, Ancestor Worship, Festival of the Dead, Obon Festival, Fiery Feathered Serpents, Fire Birds, Fire Breathing Dragon, Rainbow Serpent, Revelation, Stars, Pleiades, Number Seven, Astronomy, Watchers, Cosmology, Genesis, Vernal Equinox, Virgin, Goddess, Mother Nature, Death, Etymology, Armageddon, Prophesy, End of the World, End Times, Sky Mountain, Heaven, Firmament, Cosmic Battle, Apocalypse, Good over Evil, Eschatology, Judgement Day, Portents, Final Destiny, End of Life as we know it, Creation, Heaven and Hell, Rapture, Ragnarok, Pestilence, Starvation, Atmospheric Loading, Flying Fiery Serpents, Feathery Snakes, Clovis Comet, Survival, Years without Summer, Bombardment, Taurid Stream, etc.......

Margaret Claire Mitchell
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A Message To Mankind

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